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Optimist Sailing Dinghy Boat Graphics applied by 9yr old Jack

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OptiWraps Boat Graphics are easy to apply custom stickers to spruce up your kid’s Optimist Sailing Dinghy. In fact, they are so easy to apply that our in-house 9 year old Optimist Sailor, Jack, could apply them by himself with just a few tips and a little bit of help.

OptiWraps graphics are printed on air-release vinyl, this way it’s almost impossible to mess up the application. Sticking your Boat Graphics on is super easy and any bubbles are easily tapped out. Just watch our Instruction Video to see how to apply your own OptiWraps dinghy wrap step by step.

Order your own Optimist Sailing Dinghy Boat Graphics now.

OptiWraps Instruction Video

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OptiWraps sailing dinghy graphics are a fun and easy way to customize your Optimist Sailing Dinghy and did you know you can put them on yourself?!
Now don’t get nervous. We made this step by step instruction video just for you, so that when you are done watching all you will need is a few supplies and a parent to help you out.