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Can I apply an OptiWrap myself?

Yes! OptiWraps dinghy graphics are really easy to apply yourself. We created an Instruction Video you can watch to make the whole process as clear and easy as possible.
In fact, they are so easy to apply that even our in house 9 year old sailor Jack could apply his own OptiWraps dinghy wrap with just a little bit of help. You can watch Jack apply his OptiWraps graphics here!

How much does an OptiWraps dinghy wrap cost?

A Partials Side Wrap costs AU$245

A Full Side Wrap costs AU$275

A Full Side & Bow Wrap costs AU$320

These prices include tax, standard international shipping (free express shipping within Australia) and design fees. All our wraps include transom lettering.

Where do you deliver to?

We ship and deliver OptiWraps graphics worldwide.

Standard shipping is included in the price, no matter where you live. If you can’t wait for your wrap to arrive in the mail, we can send International Express for an additional $40.

Do you live in Australia, you’re in luck, Express Shipping is free for all deliveries inside Australia.

What kind of material are OptiWraps graphics made from?

All our OptiWraps Optimist Sailing Dinghy Graphics are printed onto UV Stabilised Marine Grade Vinyl which is super durable and long lasting. We coat our graphics with a UV laminate to protects the ink from sun damage. The vinyl we use has a special air release system which allows for bubbles to escape through vinyl by tapping them with your finger. This makes them super easy to apply! Watch our Instruction Video for more information.

How long do OptiWraps last?

Our Marine Grade Vinyl is 5 years stable under full exposure to sun and salt water. With proper care and indoor storage, you could make your OptiWraps Optimist sailing dinghy wrap look great for about 10 years.

How much do OptiWraps dinghy wraps weigh?

A Partial Side Wrap weighs only 75grams. They won’t way your Optimist Racing Dinghy down and now you can make it first over the finish line in style!

Does the OptiWraps dinghy wrap damage the hull?

On the contrary! OptiWraps graphics actually protect the surface underneath the graphic. Plus, they are easy to remove, so when it’s time to sell, simply peel off the graphics and a nice shiny surface can be found underneath.

Can I send my own artwork?

We include a custom design service in the price, so we will do all the hard work for you, but you most certainly can send your own artwork. If you want to include an image of your own into your Custom Design, simply send it through with the order form. If you want to send large images, please contact us to find out what kind file to choose and how to send it.

How long does it take to design and produce an OptiWraps graphic?

It takes us on average 5 working days to design and produce an OptiWraps graphic before it is ready to be shipped off to it’s new home.

Does an OptiWraps graphic slow my sailing dinghy down?

No. The graphics are extremely lightweight and produced on specialized marine vinyl, which sticks flush against the hull. OptiWraps graphics don’t add extra drag, have a similar glossy surface as the hull would without graphics and add no noticeable weight to your racing dinghy. So it won’t slow you down.