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optiwraps optimist sailing graphics partial wrap weather or knot

WEATHER OR KNOT – Partial Wrap

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The latest addition to the OptiWraps fleet in action! Have a look at Weather or Knot racing at the New South Wales state finals. Doesn’t it look amazing on the water?!

These awesome action shots were sent to us by dad Peter along with a little testimonial:

“Here are some photos guys from the Nsw state titles.
It was so good having the wrap on as we could find him in the 70 strong fleet.”

Thanks for the kind words Peter!

If you want to make sure you can spot your kid no matter how big the fleet of racers is? Head over to our Custom Wrap form to let us know how we can make your dream OptiWrap come true or have a try at designing your own with these DIY design templates.

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[vc_single_image image=”415″ img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”full”]
Avanger Optimist Sailing Dinghy graphics partial wrap

AVENGER – Partial Wrap

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Feel like a superhero when you’re racing your Opti around the bay? Add an extra supernatural touch to your dinghy with an awesome set of custom made OptiWraps dedicated to your favorite crime fighter. Like the latest addition to the OptiWraps fleet: Avenger!

Want to make your Optimist Sailing Dinghy look like the getaway vessel of your favorite hero? Head over to our shop to find out more about professionally designed custom Optimist Wraps and tell us all about your hero of choice. Or check out our DIY design templates if your want to give a try at designing one yourself.

Optimist Sailing Dinghy Partial Side Wrap

AQUAMARINE – Partial Wrap

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[vc_single_image image=”376″ img_link_large=”yes” img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”full”]
[vc_single_image image=”377″ img_link_large=”yes” img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”full”]
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Check out the latest OptiWraps Partial Side Wrap that will be kicking around along the coast of South Australia: Aquamarine! This awesome little underwater scene was custom made for Ava. We think it’s going to look great out on the water! Don’t you?

Feeling inspired to spruce up and customize your own Optimist Sailing Dinghy with some awesome and unique graphics? Head over to our shop to find out more about professionally designed custom Optimist Wraps or check out our DIY design templates if your want to give a try at designing one yourself.

optimist sailing dinghy name graphics

PIXEL – Sailing Dinghy Name Graphic

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[vc_single_image image=”399″ img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”full”]

Have a look at these Optimist Sailing Dinghy Name Graphics for “Pixel”. Even though we specialize in creating full wraps for Opti’s, we’re always happy to make custom Opti Name Graphics for those who want to keep things simple.

And naturally, we always appreciate seeing you sailors apply your graphics yourself! Would you like to have a go at applying your own graphics? Have a look at our instruction video which will you through step by step. Also, check out this video to see an OptiWrap put on by a 9 year old boy. You know, for some inspiration and courage. Remember though to always make sure you read through the instructions that come with your OptiWrap carefully and always have a parent ready to help you out when needed

optimist sailing dinghy name graphics

SPECIAL OP – Sailing Dinghy Name Graphic

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Check out the latest Optimist Sailing Dinghy Name Graphics: “Special Op”! A simple design which gets a little personal touch in the form of a compass graphics. We love it!

Whether you’re thinking of going all out with one of our custom made OptiWraps or want to keep things simple with a classic Name Graphic, all our graphics are designed and produced to make application so easy, anyone can do it. We love hearing back from you guys to see how the graphics actually look on your Opti and to hear how easy it was to apply. So when we heard back from Mark about how easy it was to apply the graphics he ordered for his son’s Opti, we naturally had to share it:

Applied the decals on Saturday, all to easy and the outcome looks fantastic! A big thumbs up, I have included a couple of photos.

Thank you for all your help, I will certainly recommend you down at the club.


Mark designed the name for his son’s Opti himself. Didn’t he do a great job?! If you’re feeling creative, there’s a number of ways you can design your own graphics and have them produced on the highest quality Marine Grade Vinyl.

> Check out our DIY Templates to get started on designing your own OptiWrap.

> If you want to keep things simple with a small personal touch, you can send us a design for your custom name graphics like Mark did.

> Or if it’s just the name you’re after, but want to make things a little more fun with some popping colors and a hand picked font, head over to our brother company Boat Names and have a go at using the Boat Names Design Engine.

Good luck!

Optimist Sailing Dinghy Partial Side Wrap

IRISistable – Partial Wrap

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Optimist Sailing Dinghy Partial Side Wrap

Optimist Sailing Dinghy Partial Side Wrap

Another beautiful addition to the OptiWraps fleet: IRISistable! This lovely feminine Optimist Sailing Dinghy Graphic Parial Wrap design was custom made for Iris. Inspired by her namesake flower, this pretty purple graphic is surely going to make some heads turn along the waterfront. Hope you like it as much as we do Iris!

Did you just get a new Optimist Sailing Dinghy and not sure what to name it? Using your own name to create a funny and clever pun is always a great way to come up with a unique Opti Name. Add in an awesome looking background with a theme inspired by your name and your Opti will look as amazing as IRISistable does.

Want to get started bringing some ideas to life? Head over to our DIY design templates, print one out and start sketching. Or if you prefer to leave it up to us and be surprised by a professionally designed custom OptiWrap, fill out the Custom Wrap form so we can get to know you a little bit better and we’ll work really hard on making your dream OptiWrap come true.

OptiWraps Optimist Dinghy Graphics Partial Wrap - Wonder Woman

WONDER WOMAN – Partial Wrap

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[vc_single_image image=”348″ img_link_large=”yes” img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”full”]
[vc_single_image image=”349″ img_link_large=”yes” img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”full”]
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[vc_single_image image=”341″ img_link_large=”yes” img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”full”]

Did you notice that OptiWraps now has DIY Design Templates? If you like to get creative, you can download a template for the OptiWrap size you’re after right here and start making your dream OptiWrap yourself!

Like Milly and her dad Andrew did for their Optimist Sailing Dinghy Wonder Woman. Didn’t they do an awesome job?!

Our templates come in .pdf format and are easy to use in any design program. If you’re not that great with computers, you can always simply print it out and use anything you like (such as crayons, pencils, paint, collage, you name it!) to create your own Optimist Sailing Dinghy Graphic and then we’ll produce it for you on special Marine Grade vinyl. You can be sure that your OptiWrap will last for many years to come.

TIP! Take the Template File into your local copy shop (such as Officeworks if you live in Australia) and they can print out larger sized paper so you can create a graphic with lots of detail and later scan it back in when you’re done!

OptiWraps Christmas SALE – FREE Design!

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OptiWraps Christmas 2014 Facebook Ad
OptiWraps is having a Christmas Sale! If you fill out an Order Form before Christmas Eve, you’ll receive a custom design for FREE! That saves you AU$80 on your OptiWrap!

Even better still, you won’t need to pay for anything just yet. After the holidays, our Design Team will work relentlessly to design your dream OptiWrap and send it off to you to if you like it. If you do, GREAT, you can pay for the production fee than. If you don’t… Well keep working on it until you are 100% happy (and if we can’t make that happen, you won’t have to pay a cent).

So hurry hurry! Order your OptiWrap by filling out the Order Form and you’ll save AU$80 on your custom Optimist Sailing Dinghy Graphics.

DIY Design Templates

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Are you a pretty creative kid? If you like to draw, collage, paint, fold, glue, you name it, you can use one of our DIY Design Templates to make your own dream OptiWrap!

So how does this work?

Step 1: Choose the size of OptiWrap you would like. You can have a look at the details of each OptiWrap size over here or have a look through the Photo Gallery to see the OptiWraps we’ve made for other kids and how they look on their Optimist Sailing Dinghy.

Step 2: Click on the image of the size you want above and print out your template.

Step 3: Go nuts! You can use whatever you like to design your dream OptiWrap. Use pencils, crayons, paint, glitter, images from magazines, your own photo’s… you name it! (Don’t worry about drawing out your Boat Name. Just let us know what it is in the bottom section and we’ll add it in for you.)

On the form, make sure you tick one of the boxes to let us know if you would like us to translate your piece of art into a digital design or if you would like us to scan it in, blow it up and use your artwork as your OptiWrap.

If you want us to use your own Artwork, send your OptiWrap to the Postal Address that you’ll find at the top of the template. Once we’ve received it, we’ll send you a proof within two working days.

If you want us to translate your drawing into a Digital Design (we’ll send you a proof within 2 working days) you can simply take a picture or scan your artwork in and send it to

That’s it, you done!